Friday, November 2, 2012

62 Goes Hollywood! Squad 85 Debuts Nov. 13, 8 pm EST

Our trusty fire station makes its Hollywood debut the 13th of this month when a new series for the YOMYOMF YouTube network premieres. From reports, Squad 85 is shaping up to be a most unusual cop show series:
The premise takes a group of 1985 Los Angeles police officers and transports them twenty-five years into the future via a secret wave of experimentation undertaken by the LAPD.
Curious.... I guess we'll have to tune in to see the star turn Historic FS 62 takes. From the photos Roy Persinko took, it looks like the station came through like a grand dame of cinema. Lots of pics here.

There is more information about the sci-fi action cop series on Twitter and Facebook.

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Mike said...

Awesome! I love Mar Vista and am happy to see our historic fire station getting some "screen time."